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now your baby DOES come with instructions

 Buy them all & have a baby information baby shower theme!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯💡💡💡💡

   First time parents are becoming younger and younger, and may lack the experience needed for the monumental task of parenthood. It's hard to do a Google search at 3am for information on how to put a baby back to sleep after baby has awaken. Additionally, parenthood at any age comes with a litany of questions and concerns. We're here to help. K.I.D Clothes is an online children boutique that creates the worlds most unique baby clothes for newborns and infants. K.i.D is an acronym for knowledge, information and Directions. We empower you, the parent, with valuable baby care information directly on our baby clothes, so you will always have access to valuable information right in front of your eyes. Information is peace of mind. We are more than just clothes. K.I.D Clothes provides KNOWLEDGE in such a unique way that your baby is sure to positively stand out and educate everyone around him/her. An instant conversation starter and show stopper.

 What will K.I.D Clothes offer?

K.I.D Clothes will offer clothing for newborns and infants. We will also provide t-shirts, blankets and hats. Our clothing will be fashionable and educational at the same time, & provide options that will make you smile & laugh, a phenomenon the world has never seen.


PERFECT for Nurses, PCT's, & Hospital workers, as well as anyone who knows expecting parents & parents of newborns. Earn $$$$ with every sell. Click horizontal lines on upper left at the top of page for details.


"Great product, Awesome idea"

Hilda A, NY

"I actually learned something new when I saw the 'hug me' onesie"

Gloria E, Fl



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