How to prepare a baby bottle?

Reminder to moms when preparing 🍼 bottle for baby

When you are preparing the baby bottle, it is important to mix it correctly following the formula's packaging. 

How many times you warm up a bottle you put a little on your arm to test it and its HOT!!! Imagine if you did not test it. The harm you would do to your precious baby. 

K.i.D Clothes wants you to  mix the formula according to the manufacturer's instructions, sprinkle a little bit on your arm or wrist. Make sure its just warm not hot.

*Never microwave a baby bottle. Food heats up differently and unevenly in the microwave. This can put your baby in DANGER!!!

It is just as important to pass this information to everyone who is taking care of the baby. That is the father, aunts, grandparents and friends.

This shirt is a reminder to new moms and family members on how to prepare a bottle for the baby.

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