Is your home safe since your baby crawls?

A white baby t-shirt or baby onesie unisex baby essential wear for newborn baby boy or girl.

Around the six seventh month when your infant start crawling or taking their first steps they also become curious.

They will see stairs and think they are ready to come down on them.

Go exploring in the bathroom see pills that look like candy or see a hazardous cleaner and think its juice.

Even crawl to an open outlet and decide its a good idea to put a spoon in it.

Every year hundreds of babies end up in the E.R because of an injury listed above or more not listed.


K.i.D Clothes wants to remind you that once they start crawling its time to start to have a baby proof environment. We want to start with covering your outlets. If you do not have a baby proof covering for an outlet you can always use a bandaid to protect your baby.


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